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Pilot Currency, Passenger Carrying & Mutual Flying

Solo Flying

To fly as P1 you must, as a minimum, have completed within the previous 24 months1):

  • 5 hours and 15 launches as P1 (flying as P2 does not count), plus
  • 2 flights with an instructor.

There are further minimum requirements for Instructors and those with Motor Glider/Self-Launching ratings.

BGA Currency Barometer

The Club expects all pilots, regardless of ability and experience, to assess themselves against the BGA Currency Barometer and request a check flight if not in the green.

The Currency Barometer can be found at the BGA Website and is also posted in the clubhouse.

Authorisation and Supervision

Any pilot not having at least an SPL/LAPL-S or Bronze C plus XC endorsement must be authorised and supervised on site by the Duty Instructor or nominee for each flight2). All pilots are encouraged to discuss their flight plans with the Duty Instructor before flying as P1, regardless of experience.

Mutual Flying / Passenger Carrying

Those acting as P1 in a 2-seat glider must, regardless of whether the other person is a pilot or not,

  • Satisfy the currency requirements for Solo Flying (see above)
  • Have SPL/LAPL-S or Bronze C + XC endorsement
  • Be signed-off for passenger flying by the CFI/DCFI, renewed annually
  • Satisfy the '90-day rule' (i.e., in the previous 90 days have completed 3 take-offs and landings as sole manipulator of the controls in the same type of aircraft)
  • Possess a suitable medical (see below)

The person who will fly as P1 must be agreed before take-off and identified on the log sheet. While the handling pilot may change during a flight, the P1 cannot change. The P1 is responsible for the aircraft throughout the flight (especially decision-making & actions during emergencies).

The take-off, aerotow, and landing must be flown by P1, except where P1 is an Assistant Category instructor or higher.

Medical Requirements

See the BGA Medical Requirements for the medical requirements that apply to all pilots, instructors, and pilots authorised to carry inexperienced passengers.

Note that the CAA website lists individual conditions but does not address combinations, nor does it address self medication, recreational pharmaceuticals and alternative medicines. So, if there is any doubt, consult an Aero-medical Examiner (AME).


Everyone intending to fly should perform an IM SAFE check before each flight.

BGA Guidance

This will become a legal requirement from December 2024 when an SPL is required to fly Part 21 gliders. DGC has adopted this requirement in advance of the SPL date.
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