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New Students

Good preparation can save valuable time in the air and help you get the most from each flight. Reading up on exercises beforehand will help you to better understand the instructor’s briefing and debriefing. Reviewing your lessons after getting home from the airfield will help you consolidate the learning.

Here are some useful resources. The Student Pilot Manual in particular is worth getting and reading.

  1. Student Pilot Manual. An excellent introduction to basic concepts and the first things you need to know when learning to glide.
  2. Sailplane & Gliding magazine - £16 for the first year (new subscribers). Lots of pretty pictures, club news, safety info, wider horizons, and more.
  3. Instructor's Manual. Useful information on the nature and purpose of all the basic lessons. You can find a complete PDF at the BGA website here or download individual sections from here.
  4. Bronze and Beyond - A Glider Pilot's Guide. Not essential when first starting to learn, but you will need to read this before going solo, or soon afterwards. There's an old version available for reference in the clubhouse.

Converting from Power

Some general guidance is available here and at the BGA web pages here

Bronze Students

Bronze Video Lectures

This is a set of presentations from Andrew Watson (Cambridge GC) reviewing the contents of the Bronze written exam. There are 15 short briefs covering Meteorology, Navigation, and Air Law.

Useful for everyone preparing to sit the Bronze exam, and a useful refresher for anyone who sat the Bronze more than 5 years ago (much has changed, especially in Air Law).

Each video is 5 to 10 minutes. You can increase the replay speed to save time.

Bronze and Beyond - A Glider Pilot's Guide

Bronze and Beyond - A Glider Pilot's Guide

This book contains everything needed to progress to Bronze. It is easy to understand, presenting everything in a clear and concise format.

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