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New to gliding? An unfamiliar environment can take a while to adjust to and may be a bit overwhelming - there is a lot to learn. The club should help you understand how things operate and what you need to do to take part and stay safe. But when you have questions about any aspect of club operations or learning to fly, please don’t hesitate to ask a club member – they are usually only too pleased to help.

Here's a short video on how a gliding club works (we don't have a winch at DGC - aerotow only).

The British Gliding Association (BGA) provides a wide range of gliding information on the members website, via their free-to-subscribe newsletter, and through the BGA Student Pilot Manual and Sailplane & Gliding magazine.

Women Gliding provides great support and there is a very active Junior Gliding group operating across all BGA clubs.

Links to some other resources useful for new students are available here and at the BGA Pilot Training & Development page.

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