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Cross Country Resources

Field Landings


Turning Points

The “SeeYou” format is a .cup file that is widely used, including on Oudies.


SGC Cross-Country Resources

Paul Ruskin Gliding Matters

At Paul Ruskin's web page you can

  • Sign up for airfield and land-outs navigation system files
  • Get a copy of the current BGA Frequency Reference Card
  • Register for a FRTOL course
  • Learn how to put the day's NOTAMs onto your PDA
  • and more

G. Dale at the SGC Cross-Country Development Week

A Scottish Cross Country Development Week was held at Portmoak in April 2022. SGC were very lucky to get G Dale up for the week and the knowledge imparted was superb. Six talks given by G during the week were recorded. The two sessions of Day 1 are now available on the Scottish Gliding Centre YouTube Channel.

The quality of the recordings is not that great but the content is excellent, and especially relevant for cross-country pilots.

The link for the SGC YouTube Channel is:

There is also a mine of information on the BGA Webinars, also on YouTube:

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